1 Year of Skincare!

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write but here I am, away from TikTok and posting about my 1 year of taking care of my skin!!! AMAZING!!! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!! It’s been one year of me trying different products, finding out what works best and what doesn’t.

Firstly, I have to say thank you to my skin who has been the champion throughout this all. It’s taken on an entire new routine and help it together. *claps*

Now, since you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what I’ve been using to keep my skin in tip-top shape? About 98% of my skincare is Korean…wait let me explain! When living in China, there weren’t a lot of options that I learned to trust. Of course they had skincare but some skincare has chemicals in it to make the person lighter and for my complexion, that didn’t work. Someone suggested Innisfree. It took a few tries and some research to buy the first product (which was nothing I’d researched or intended to buy). I bought a cleaner and some sunblock. That’s it!

I used it and saw how amazing it made my face feel and when back for more. That was around the end of March/ early April of 2019. And boom, before I left, I’d spent over 5000RMB! (I don’t know what the conversion is…wait let me Google [searches through Google] $707.96 estimated). Listen, under I put that number in and did the conversion, I didn’t realize I’d spent that much. interesting. But any who, since I had started working, I’ve made two more orders to replace my dwindling stash with Innisfree products. So, at this point, I may be inching closer and closer to the $1,000.

Well, what do you use?

Every night, I mostly follow the Korean skincare routine. I cleanse with an oil, followed up by a Cerva cleanser. When I’m doing cleansing, I apply a toner, serums, essences, eye cream, and a final cream to “seal” it all in. I do need to buy more acids to go along with my serums but this method is working for me right now. And also, I have been avoid dairy like the plague. Ugh. I’m lactose intolerant and these past few weeks have been tough on my intestines. So, the elimination of dairy and mostly chocolate has cleared it up (surprisingly, I don’t care chocolate until a few days before my period). I’ve also drank more water! I usually don’t drink a lot of caffeine because I won’t be able to sleep. My eating has been terrible but I’m still hanging on!

And I have to say, my skin is no longer a concern with me. I can nit-pick over issues with my body but I don’t have those anymore with my skin. I wish I had a picture from when I started and after but my skin tells it’s own story. It likes what I’m doing and I like what it’s doing.

And also!!! I submitted my application to attend university again. This time, I’m going to a local college instead of a massive school and I’m starting with biology. During this time, I will still work (maybe not full-time) but I’m going to give it my all! I sent in my application Friday so hopefully next week I’ll hear something regarding transferring my credits over. We’ll see! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

I have a diabetic/blind dog…how do I do it?

So around September, we noticed one of my dogs was not doing okay. She was peeing a lot, drinking insane amounts of water (and throwing it up), kinda falling out, and not being herself. We had lost her brother in June of 2019, so we chalked up the changing personality to grieving her brother of almost 10 years. I, in turn, ended my employment in China and came home.

I arrived on the 11th of September, and she started to get worse. She eventually stopped eating. We couldn’t take the lost of another dog so we rushed her to a vet in a different county. There, the doctor said, she wasn’t dying but that he had a hunch she might be diabetic. After about 4 days in the vet. hospital, numerous drawings of blood, they reached the conclusion that she did in fact had diabetes and would have to take insulin the rest of her life. They warned that it could get expensive and a lot of people chose not to go through with it for that reason.

We didn’t. We paid out thousands of dollars to get her the best care, and to pay for her monthly insulin and needles. This was an adjustment for us! I had to learn how to pull and fill syringes, meet the CC’s she needed, and administer a shot (which I mean, that is amazing and I know I can do it later too).

She eventually picked herself back up and kinda became the dog she was before. But after losing your lifelong friend AND becoming diabetic, she was changed. She can get VERY lethargic now. She spends a lot of her days sleeping (and sometimes deeply too, the other day, she barked in her sleep. She’d never done it since we got her).

But…then we noticed that she was running into things like the gate of her crate. She would miss steps coming in and going out of the house. We would look somewhere completely different if you called her name. And we realized…she was going blind. Her normally red eyes were grayed out. It was sad because…well it’s just sad. But….we prevailed. We started being extra careful with her when going in and out. If she ran into something we let her know it was okay and we started using SOUND.

So, when she was a puppy, I would always tap my foot at treats I laid down for her and now? That’s how she gets around if I want her to do something. I’ll also clap if I want her attention directly on me and I warn people not to get close because she can’t see you so…she might bite because WHO WOULDN’T?

We also encouraged her to find the world in her own way. We’d say “Slow down” or let her run into some things. She’s actually doing good and knows her way around. She knows her favorite spot and she can smell food a mile a way so her sniffer is working.

We also just…let her be. We try to make it as peaceful as possible and if she has accidents we don’t make a big deal about it. Luckily, her younger brother and sister (mostly sister) are there for her. Maddie was the dog the breeder used to socialize the puppy’s with so she’s good at…slowing down and also emotional comforting.

Maddie has kinda stepped up as little sister and will make sure she’s taken care of. But, when I do move out, I have to take her with me. She’s going to have a whole new world and I know she’s going to be scared but when looking for houses, I’m making sure that they are blind dog friendly. I want there to be an ease of access for her going outside. And when I do move, I’ll tether Maddie and Ginger together.

Has it been hard? Yes, you watch your family dogs life start to leave but you know, it’s aging. Also, a little before Ginger was diagnosed with diabetes, so was my mom. It’s very interesting to see the parallels.

But I signed up to be her mom until the end, whether that means taking on a PT job to help with her medical bills or working more hours teaching English. It’s what I signed up for. I promised I’d be there for them all no matter what and a mamas gotta do what a mamas gotta do.

How’s it going?

At this moment, there’s a lot going on in the world. Among things are the COVID-19 virus. I want to talk a little bit about that but not too much because everywhere has become saturated with news, what this country is doing, what that one has done.

COVID-19 is a VIRUS and to understand a virus, you need to do some research about how viruses perform. I’m in no way shape or form a doctor, epidemiologist, or micro biologist but it is something that I honestly love. I’ve loved viruses since I took medical microbiology in high school (I would’ve majored it in but…money). Any who. One thing we need to understand about viruses, fungus, and bacteria is that they…MUTATE! They play the same game as humans with survival of the fittest and they’re pretty dang good at it. A viruses goal is to find a perfect host to reproduce and carry on its “DNA” (sound familiar?) They tend to hop around too. There’s this one fascinating fungus that literally will cause ants to kill themselves (Ophiocordyceps unilaterali). Ebola is my FAVORITE virus out there. If I could have went to med. school, my career path would’ve led me to studying this virus. It’s interesting (to me) what it does to the body once it realizes that the host is no longer viable. Listen. Viruses, bacteria, and fungus are badasses! As mentioned, I won’t go too much into it but just to stay safe! You can be a healthy adult and carry it to someone WHO IS NOT. Think about immuno-compromised people, those with underlying medical conditions. Stay at HOME!

On to a more positive note! I’ve officially stopped buying PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. I haven’t bought it in a while and have continued to boil tap water (say what you want but I’m trying to contribute to less plastic waste on my end). What about a filter? You’re absolutely right! I do want a find an efficient water filter system but that’s going to cost money I don’t have right now (catch me in 2 weeks when my paycheck hits). And I’m currently looking for an eco-friendly lunch bag.

Are you still working out? Listen. I try. I just started a full-time job that’s going to require me to get a state licenses, I’ve had to study property and casualty insurance for the last 40+ business hours, I’m tired SIS! I am trying to attend the boot camps on Saturdays but I don’t know how long thats going to last. I’m just trying to get myself together.

Anything else? Sure, someone at my job (but works in a different section) tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and while I’m not afraid, I am afraid for my diabetic, elderly mother. So, I’m doing a lite self-isolation. I went to Walmart for cereal and dog food and that’s it. See, it’s not that hard to protect others from yourself.

The CHAOS. Hey. I’m not sure what craziness went through peoples head when they thought that this would not come to them. People should’ve been SENSIBLY stocking items. Why do you need 100 rolls of tissue. WHET. Ugh.

My thoughts are with those who don’t have extra money or are waiting for their check. Those who still have to go to work amidst this chaos and hold it together. America needs to do better. I’m proud of these companies for stepping up where the government has fallen off. This is how we make America great because without each other, we wouldn’t have any community (no matter where you are in the world). I’m thankful for the people who can make a difference, those with expendable funds. Those who are making sure people who don’t have have, this is America. This is the world.

No More Plastic Bottles?


So, about 2 weeks ago, I noticed I was going through about 48+ water bottles every month. I would buy a pack of 24 and use them to shake up my flavor packets and then discard them. Not only that, I would keep a case in my car for easy access.

And then 2 weeks ago, I noticed I was using way too many for it to be normal or okay. I decided to not purchase any more water bottles (as long as I can help it) since then and so far? It’s worked.

What do I do then? I fill a pot with tap water and let it boil a few minutes. I do this to let any bacteria that may have contaminated the water die. That’s it! Every since I lived in China, I’ve been iffy about water quality, no matter the country but if it’s ‘safe enough’ to easily boil, I’d much rather do that.

So what do you use then? Stainless-steel water bottles and a glass jar. I have one Hydroflask, a S’Well bottle, and one huge bottle my previous company gave me. I use these because if I needed hot water, they’d keep it hot. I also use my Yeti cup that a friend bought for me. That’s mostly used for what I call ‘current water’, it’s ready to drink and accessible.

Since I do live with my parents and those Mason jars can get bulky, I only put the Mason jar in the ‘fridge. I’m more okay with room temp. water than I am with too cold or too hot (that’s why I was able to keep water in my car with no problem). Since I’ve been trying to control myself more, I’m also looking at ways to avoid generating so much dang plastic waste.

But getting things in bulk or ‘package free’, can be a hassle depending on where you live. I know, I know Wal-mart, but a lot of their fruits and veggies are non-packaged (as with some other local grocery stores). I would much rather travel to the Neighborhood Walmart than buy an entire bag of kale when I’m only going to use 2 leaves.

It’s also about balance. Living a more structured lifestyle has helped me eat more veggies! I try to make them about 85%-90% of my entire meal. I do have gastrointestinal issues so this amount works perfect for me AND I don’t have as many dairy ‘flare ups’ as I used to. I’m learning to manage myself by managing what I use.

What about your future? I hope that when I do move out, I’ll have enough storage to easily keep myself plastic bottle free. I plan to get different sized jars (I have the large mouth ones). And using them for canning, and just plain storing. I would like to start composting too! My mom wouldn’t let me make one here but if I plan on buying a house, I can take the opportunity to explore that side.

What are some tips that you have for lightening your ecological footprint? Drop them down below! And also, how can you make it work with feeding dogs? I’ll never try to give them any diet they can’t (or I can’t) handle but I would like some ideas (I know I could cook for them but I just got a job so there’s not a lot of funds going around).

Picture from: https://aquariumworks.org/2014/06/06/how-to-celebrate-world-oceans-day-and-raise-ocean-conservation-awareness/

Life Update!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so let’s chat shall we?

Job? I finally got a job and received a job offer in Charlotte, NC. I, unfortunately, have to decline the NC job due to making a much more financially sound decision. Working closer to where I live.

If I would have lived closer to Charlotte, I might’ve taken the gamble but metropolitan traffic is unpredictable and I didn’t want to risk being late to work. I’m taking a lower pay for safety that I can be home in 30 minutes versus 1-2 hours on the road every day after working 12 hours.

I’ve accepted a job helping people with their insurance. I’m about to embark on a journey to obtain my insurance license for all 50 states. Another credential to add to my resume which is an amazing thing.

What else? A good friend that I met in China is starting her own business and I’m helping her with it! I’m also looking at starting my own business soon. I want to become my own boss one day but it’s going to take money to start it and I’ll have to work.

Gym? I’ve added doing a HIIT class on Saturday’s and it’s been fun. I’m starting to define more of my arm and leg muscles. Hopefully my stomach and thighs follow soon.

Moving out? I plan to move out of my parents house by the end of the year. I would like to start the process of purchasing my own home. I’ve been working steadily for over two years but because I went to China, it may be difficult to prove I paid taxes (which is what one bank told me I needed it for).

My word for this year was: growth.

It took awhile for the cog to start to turn but growth is happening.

Minimalism update!!

I stopped buying plastic bottles. I now take the water from the tap, boil it, and “package it” in stainless steel and glass containers. I looked at how much I was wasting. I was doing terribly. It was actually a WASTE. I’ve juggled with becoming more eco-friendly but once I got tired of myself, I made the change, much like my weight-loss. I also don’t use plastic bags at the grocery store. I always have my reusable ones. When I get fruits and vegetables, I don’t grab the plastic to put them in. There’s no harm in my taters rolling around a bit.

Coming up?

I hope that everything goes well with the job and I can move somewhere soon. I want to start my own things. I want to be happy. And I’m reaching for happiness.

Organic Feminine Products Update!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was trying some new feminine products. And months later, I’m here to give my verdict on them!

“L” This is a company I have used for years before posting about it but they were very hard to get and take with me to China, so I opted for Chinese brands (and surprisingly, there was no language barrier when it came to figuring out feminine hygiene products). I really do love this brand, it was definitely my gateway into buying organic products. The feminine products are Chlorine free and have the ingredients listed on the package (take that big companies!). I do not use tampons, I’m not comfortable with anything going ‘up there’, so I prefer to use pads. None of my reviews will contain tampons until I feel comfortable to try them out. Anywho! Back to the topic, these pads are lite but they hold their weight. I can wear one for 3-4 hours without feeling flooded or like I’ve made a mess. I use the regular, super, and overnight pads as well as their panty liners for everyday use. I would say I’ve been using them since 2017 when I got sick of not knowing what was going on in and/or around my body. The L. Company does have a subscription service for the feminine products if you want them delivered every month to your door!

Next, The Honey Pot. I can honestly say, these are items I would purchase every single month. Shoot, I am going to purchase these every single month. The pads do take some getting used to but keeping it honest here, when I was in China, they used very similar ingredients in their pads that ‘cooled’ your v-. Now, I know what you’re saying, why should I cool it? Listen, it feels great and refreshing, at least to me. I recently seen an add for “The Honey Pot” on TV and I was so excited to tell my mom about them even though she’s past the menopause age. So, I used the regular, overnight, and super with these too. I also have the panty liners AND the ‘normal system’ feminine wash. I’m not into feminine washes but my hormones are difficult to control and it usually leads to some type of ‘itching’ down there when I’m ovulating and/or about to start my period. This completely prevented that and I’m sad that Target is about 30-45 minutes away from me. The products are amazing, they’re supportive, I didn’t have any leaks and it’s made my hormonal skin life so much better. You can purchase their products at Target or Online.

And last but not least Cora, these pads are holds a lot, I was surprised because they are super thin, they kind of melt right into your undies and make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. They don’t have any fragrance, nothing added, it’s just a pad, and that’s what I was looking for. They have a lot of different products to treat different things, I don’t remember seeing a lot in Target when I went but that could honestly just be that they didn’t have a lot in stock. I bought the panty liners, long and regular sized pads. One thing I did notice were that the regular and pantyliner sticky-stuff was not sticky enough, by the time I put the pad on and pulled up the undies, it had already moved. It was annoying especially when in a hurry to get myself cleaned up. The long pads folded in on themselves before I pulled them for their package. This left a little ‘bump’ in the pads that I felt self-conscious about. I made sure to test to make sure it wasn’t me by pulling it out before lifting the sticky from it’s holder. For Cora, you can purchase their products online and through subscription.

This is also a tip on shortening periods and cramps that I’ve been told and have used now for about 3 years. Raspberry leaf tea. It is a very bitter tea but you get used to it. I normally drink a few cups with the onset of my period and it has helped me tremendously.

Feminine products are a part of everyones life, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, any of that. Women are becoming more and more aware of what we put in and around our bodies. We don’t want things laced with random chemicals that may leave us with horrible complications and things that we cannot fix. Is organic feminine products affordable? No, compared to brands like StayFree, Kotex, and Always, they are not always the cheaper option especially with people who don’t have a lot of money. The extra money usually goes to real necessities and a preference for pads/tampons probably isn’t it.

Comment down below and let’s start a conversation about feminine hygiene products, what do you use? How do you keep it organic or you don’t care which brand you use as long as things are taken care of?fe

3 week fitness update

So around 3 weeks ago, I had the urge to change my life. I knew it’d be difficult to join a gym and pay the monthly cost since I am still partially unemployed and what I do make can’t cover the cost of it monthly. I talked with my mom and she agreed to cover the cost until I get a full-time job. So on January 27, 2020, I signed up for the gym. I’ve been almost every day since I started (mostly due to PMS time). And I am starting to feel great.

I don’t think I’ve lost any weight in almost the month I’ve been going but I’ve been learning about myself. I know that I can absolutely do whatever I put my mind to. When I did weigh myself, I had gained a few pounds and I think that was mostly because I was trying to control my eating entirely too much and it backfired. I was actually under-eating according to MyFitnessPal. And then I realized that I…didn’t need to try to control my eating too much or I would become obsessed with the number and making sure the number almost put me under so I could burn more calories and lose weight faster.

And I get it. Numbers are obsessive. They can start to control your life if you let them but I refuse to. I have to stay strong and do this process right or it won’t work. The number one thing I’ve been trying to do is incorporate more vegetables/fruits into my diet. I’m experimenting with new recipes and still trying to learn what my body really likes.

I have to say, this beginning journey has taught me that I am stronger than what I think I am and I will always overcome whatever obstacle may be in my way.

This journey isn’t going to be easy and I know I won’t really make a dent into my weight loss until I speak to someone who knows more about eating ‘right’ and ‘for my body’ than I do. I went for an interview and I should be hearing from them soon. Hopefully, I get the job and then soon after, I’ll have insurance and the ability to go see a nutritionist and mainly, a therapist.

After a few months, I’ll be able to finally move from my small town and closer to the big city. If I do get this job, and I’m hoping and praying that I do, I’ll also be able to continue my craft of writing and become more environmentally friendly.

Here’s to hoping and praying! If you have any recipes or additional information for losing weight (not anything too dramatic), please leave some comments below!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but now that I’m in a much better headspace, I want to update everyone on what I’ve been doing!

Mentally: I’m in a much better headspace than before. I’m finally thriving even though I’ve been sick with some kind of cold…anywho, I’m living! I’ve been focusing on my emotions and honing in how to control them. I often ask myself: why am I (insert emotion)? But not after I have the emotion but during the emotion. I think this is helping me learn to control them and figure out what I need to change in myself to be better.

I’m reading again! I miss it. I’ve had so much free time that I forgot how to use it. And that may seem weird but it’s true! I’m so used to having so much free time that I often waste it. I’m looking forward to maximizing my day.

What am I doing? I haven’t yet found a permanent job. And it’s annoying! I miss having a schedule, I miss working. Lately, I’ve been focusing on taking Korean classes via Duolingo and I’m slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with the language. There are still some questions that I have but once I feel like I’m comfortable enough for myself, I’m going to pay for an online tutor. I do plan to move to South Korea before the end of the year, whether it be teaching or doing some other job. But I’m ready to leave and see something new and different.

I’m also a Duolingo Ambassador/Event Host! We only have Spanish-speaking events in my area so I submitted an application for Korean and Chinese. I hope that some people will come out and job whether they are taking lessons via Duolingo or not!

Physically: I’m back working out. I’ve lightened my load and only workout once a day for 30 minutes doing various yoga moves. I’ve been cooking so much since the new year came in. It’s a silent goal that I made to myself. I want to focus on what goes in me a lot more, I wouldn’t say it’s become money is low because you have to buy food to make it but out of creativity. I’ve been really outdoing myself lately. Here’s a picture of Chicken & Shrimp Alfredo (with a homemade sauce). I’m really good at making food and I’m always so excited to share it with people.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress!!

Comment down below if you’ve made and stuck to some of your silent goals?

I’m Learning a Language

I love languages, I love culture, but being honest, I just love learning!! So I’ve taken it upon myself to start learning….*drum roll please* drummmmmmmm Korean!

I started getting into Korean dramas when I was in Shanghai. It was easy to relate to, they made me laugh and it took me out of my English comfort zone. I mean, I know I was in a completely different country but I wanted to learn more, so I’ve decided to do just that.

A few days ago, I sat down with my ruddy pen and paper, went to Duolingo and added a new language to the ones I’ve been learning. I was expecting a soft introduction then bam! I was going to be hit with a million words I didn’t know but that wasn’t the case at all. Duolingo started out with the very basics, the alphabet. It’s important to know how a language works, you need to start with a very solid foundation in order to build and continue to grow. So I started with the alphabet, I’ve moved on to alphabet level 3 but I still go back to level one and review the vowel sounds. You can never get too much review in.

I think what made me want to start learning Korean is so that I don’t have to read subtitles for my favorite shows. When I watch my Chinese ones, I can sometimes understand bits and pieces and fit everything together which is wonderful! So, for the last few days, I’ve taken to reviewing and reviewing the Korean alphabet. I found this video on YouTube where she teaches vowels, consonants, double consonants, final consonants, etc. and also teaches stroke order (this was something I could never get down when writing Chinese).

After I spend a week or two fully learning, understanding and being able to site simple Korean characters, I want to move onto simple words. I learn with a lot of repetition so I have to keep repeating and then I latch onto the word. In Chinese class, that’s how it worked and then we had open conversations in Chinglish. Weirdly, when I learned Chinese, if I couldn’t think of the word I would replace it with Spanish before English came to mind (imagine saying wo yao comida).

I’m trying to review/learn at least 1 hour a day, if I can get in 1-2 hours, then that’s even better but I’ve started devoting my time to this. I’m also still watching Korean dramas and I think that’s very beneficial to my learning. I get to hear the word naturally, I get to listen to how they’re formed and a native speaker saying them. When I taught in China, that was one of the recommendations for learning English. You have to immerse yourself in the language. You have to listen to native music, read native books, and kinda give a little of yourself into the learning process.

After I have a solid foundation and can at least introduce myself, I’m going to search for a Korean teacher. There’s a 14 hour time difference between the Eastern United States to Korea, so when I find my Korean teacher, I know that I’m going to spend more time learning and that’s going to be fun!

I do plan on continuing to learn Chinese. I like the language, I like speaking it and knowing that I attempted it.

I can’t wait to take you on my journey!

Is Health a Privilege?

Today, I posed a question to myself: how am I going to be healthier? I thought about changing the food that I buy, swapping out fries for greens but then I really started to ask myself, how could I afford it?

I shop very cheap. My favorite grocery store is Aldi, I go there several times a week buying random odds and ends but what if I was going for my health? How would I change everything then? So, I decided to do just that. Yesterday morning, I went to Aldi at 9:30am on the dot! (I know because I’d previously checked to see if they were open). I walked up and down the aisles until I got an idea of what I wanted that day: air-fried thin chicken breast and roasted veggies. I got ecstatic! I went over to the produce section and picked up green bell peppers, onions, asparagus, and a bag of baby potatoes. I did pick up some other things that they had like: a collapsible tote (use for heavy shopping), chicken (I mean, they do have good chicken! I prefer no rib meat but I usually cut that off), butter, eggs, powdered sugar (I bake) and that’s all I remember. My total was under $40 for a days meal.

Now, most Americans can’t spend $40 on one person for one days meals, that is ridiculous. So, what would I have bought if I didn’t have that money, I wouldn’t have picked up the butter, eggs, and powered sugar (even though it’s still fairly cheap), I would’ve left the fresh asparagus for the frozen (they were the same price but freezing would mean I could use them much later too) and maybe bought a bag of frozen veggies.

That’s the reality for most Americans, they simply cannot afford a healthy lifestyle, they can’t afford to make the changes that people who have money seem to think is so easy. I also shop discounted, I don’t usually go to big stores unless there’s a specific product I need (like dairy free cheesecake) especially since I haven’t been working. It’s hard to make those changes.

Since we talked about food, let’s talk about working out. Gyms can be expensive depending on where you live. Planet Fitness’s basic plan is $10/month. The gyms in my hometown start at $19/month. Some people will say exercise at home but sometimes, you don’t want to spend your entire day in the house. Yes, you can go outside and do exercises but inclement weather does happen and no one wants to be soaked from a run.

Realistically, being healthy and having these options are a privilege that a lot of people think about. In China, there’s a free fitness group called “FitFam” (follow the hyperlink to learn more about them), and that’s where my fitness journey started. Even though it has ebbed over these last few months, this is where I got excited about fitness. I wish that we had this program in America because going to something for free can be the difference between a ‘healthy’ life and a life filled with obesity and medications.

My motivation seems to go back and forth when it comes to fitness. I actually love working out and when I did have a free gym membership, I would wake up at 9am and work out for an hour. It was amazing and I loved the way it made me feel. But reality does set in and I could no longer afford the membership 😦

Since I’ll be moving to Texas soon, I want to start my ‘new’ life with a new mindset. Keeping myself healthy is important, mentally, physically, emotionally. It all adds up to me taking care of the body that I was given.

If you have any tips please feel free to share them below! If you know of any communities similar to FitFam, drop them! If you’re in the Dallas area and know all the ins and outs of fitness there, please let me know!

2020 is a New Year, let’s make some new goals together!