Organic Feminine Products Update!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was trying some new feminine products. And months later, I’m here to give my verdict on them!

“L” This is a company I have used for years before posting about it but they were very hard to get and take with me to China, so I opted for Chinese brands (and surprisingly, there was no language barrier when it came to figuring out feminine hygiene products). I really do love this brand, it was definitely my gateway into buying organic products. The feminine products are Chlorine free and have the ingredients listed on the package (take that big companies!). I do not use tampons, I’m not comfortable with anything going ‘up there’, so I prefer to use pads. None of my reviews will contain tampons until I feel comfortable to try them out. Anywho! Back to the topic, these pads are lite but they hold their weight. I can wear one for 3-4 hours without feeling flooded or like I’ve made a mess. I use the regular, super, and overnight pads as well as their panty liners for everyday use. I would say I’ve been using them since 2017 when I got sick of not knowing what was going on in and/or around my body. The L. Company does have a subscription service for the feminine products if you want them delivered every month to your door!

Next, The Honey Pot. I can honestly say, these are items I would purchase every single month. Shoot, I am going to purchase these every single month. The pads do take some getting used to but keeping it honest here, when I was in China, they used very similar ingredients in their pads that ‘cooled’ your v-. Now, I know what you’re saying, why should I cool it? Listen, it feels great and refreshing, at least to me. I recently seen an add for “The Honey Pot” on TV and I was so excited to tell my mom about them even though she’s past the menopause age. So, I used the regular, overnight, and super with these too. I also have the panty liners AND the ‘normal system’ feminine wash. I’m not into feminine washes but my hormones are difficult to control and it usually leads to some type of ‘itching’ down there when I’m ovulating and/or about to start my period. This completely prevented that and I’m sad that Target is about 30-45 minutes away from me. The products are amazing, they’re supportive, I didn’t have any leaks and it’s made my hormonal skin life so much better. You can purchase their products at Target or Online.

And last but not least Cora, these pads are holds a lot, I was surprised because they are super thin, they kind of melt right into your undies and make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. They don’t have any fragrance, nothing added, it’s just a pad, and that’s what I was looking for. They have a lot of different products to treat different things, I don’t remember seeing a lot in Target when I went but that could honestly just be that they didn’t have a lot in stock. I bought the panty liners, long and regular sized pads. One thing I did notice were that the regular and pantyliner sticky-stuff was not sticky enough, by the time I put the pad on and pulled up the undies, it had already moved. It was annoying especially when in a hurry to get myself cleaned up. The long pads folded in on themselves before I pulled them for their package. This left a little ‘bump’ in the pads that I felt self-conscious about. I made sure to test to make sure it wasn’t me by pulling it out before lifting the sticky from it’s holder. For Cora, you can purchase their products online and through subscription.

This is also a tip on shortening periods and cramps that I’ve been told and have used now for about 3 years. Raspberry leaf tea. It is a very bitter tea but you get used to it. I normally drink a few cups with the onset of my period and it has helped me tremendously.

Feminine products are a part of everyones life, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, any of that. Women are becoming more and more aware of what we put in and around our bodies. We don’t want things laced with random chemicals that may leave us with horrible complications and things that we cannot fix. Is organic feminine products affordable? No, compared to brands like StayFree, Kotex, and Always, they are not always the cheaper option especially with people who don’t have a lot of money. The extra money usually goes to real necessities and a preference for pads/tampons probably isn’t it.

Comment down below and let’s start a conversation about feminine hygiene products, what do you use? How do you keep it organic or you don’t care which brand you use as long as things are taken care of?fe

The “Talk”

Two posts, one day? Who am I?

My next topic is a little personal. Let’s have “The Talk”. I’m not meaning anything sexual in nature. I’m talking about the feminine hygiene product talk. Since coming back to America almost two months ago, I realized just how…insufficient labeling is on feminine products. It really is a shame that we woman put these things near a very personal part of us and don’t even know the ingredients. I’ve often fought with this idea since buying my own feminine products. I love(d) Always. My favorite during the day was Always Infinity. They were thin but strong and I loved the feel of ‘not wearing anything’ but then it seems like I woke up. I started to question what I was putting in my body. Even when it comes to food, there’s so many questions and I wish I could find a co-op near me.

Anywho, back to the feminine products. I decided to finally open my internet browser and do some research. I also worked with a wonderful woman at the time who was on the same intellectual course as me. She said she used Seventh Generation. I thought about them but during that time, organic meant cardboard like. I remember my first stint with tampons, I unfolded the white wrapper and looked at the cardboard tube thinking, am I supposed to put that UP there? Needless to say, I never became comfortable with tampons. Eventually, I want to try the cup but I’m okay with pads.

I often get off topic. Back to business!

I’ll sometimes amble down the aisles of Walmart or Target and look at different products. I’ll research the brands on my phone right in store to learn more about them. If it’s busy, I walk around, reading on my phone until I find enough convincing evidence that I want to buy this product. The first product I found was titled “L.” That’s it. You can find out about them here. I liked their mission and they put what they had in their products on the packaging. I bought them. This brand hasn’t come bursting through the doors of Walmart so I buy them from Target which is about a 30 minute drive for me now but it’s worth it. I noticed a difference with my period. It seemed lighter, less complicated. It wasn’t as heavy as it was before, meaning less time I had to use these products which (you guessed it!) means I didn’t have to spend as much money. That was the first time I knew a product could work for me.

When I went to China, one of my fears was not having organic pads. I knew I liked the way they felt and they helped me. I can’t tell you the brands I used in China but just know…they’re there.

Back to America.

The other day, I drove the 30 minutes to Target. I like to walk around the stores and window-shop. I also count it as me “working out” by walking around. I found two new brands I want to share with you.


The Honey Pot I heard about this brand via social media (I mean, where do we get a lot of our suggestions these days?). It was either Twitter or Tumblr. This is a black-owned company that has herbal infused feminine products. I’m trying these out now and will give an update.

What I’ve liked so far: transparency. They give you the ingredients on the package and tell you their mission statement. I bought their pads in a size regular and super. Today is my first day using them and I can say, they feel very similar to a brand I assume was organic in China. It gives me a “fresh” “cooling” feeling. It feels weird, but like, in a good way. Target only had these pads and no other products. Hopefully, when I go back, I’ll be able to try more products from them.


Cora The simplistic packaging caught me off-guard. It was just…plain and in a world filled with pink and flowers, it stood out. I won’t say that organic things need to be ‘basic’ and ‘neutral’ but it does feel awesome when you can just be a woman and not a color. These pads are thin…very thin. I haven’t had a heavy enough flow to see if they hold up against thick pads. I also like the wrapper that attaches to the pads. It’s cotton, soft, and again basic but I like it. The Founders of this company tell more about why they created the company . Like the L. Company, this company gives pads to girls who are at a disadvantage to proper feminine care products. Support yourself and a girl.

Other brands?

There are other brands that you can try like: Seventh Generation, TOP The Organic Project, Rael (I saw this brand in Target). JUST (I saw these at Walmart, will get around to trying them).

This is just a simple list, do your research. Find which products work best for you and TRY them. We need to let these big brands know that we are done. We want control over our bodies and what we put in and around them. As the world requires these companies to be held accountable for what they are doing, I hope that they learn to love the movement and join in.

If you have any recommendations of organic products that you use or want to use be sure to leave a comment! Let’s have an open discussion about our feminine health. Also, let me know what you want to hear about.