I’m trying…minimalism…?

A few years ago, I started to become more aware of the environment and my impact. It can be insanely difficult to start being minimalistic with so much coming to your mind at once. Since coming back to America, I have done nothing but consume. Our kitchen was being remodeled when I arrived so cooking was one of the things we couldn’t do. We had no running water and no space to do anything.

I had no choice but to spend a lot of my money eating at restaurants and getting fast food, even to this day–now that the kitchen is 95% completed–it can be difficult to not just get in the car and go get something quick. I was consuming so much that looking back, it was crazy and I am ashamed of myself for letting it get to the point of me losing my morals.

Since December came in and the money that I saved is finally getting low, I’m rethinking what I did. Some of the things I purchased was a long-term investment. Like the KitchenAid mixer and Chrissy Teigan pot set (I actually got this extremely discounted at Ollies). The mixer is an investment, it can last years longer than a cheap one (from what I’ve read during my research). I have a nice Rachel Ray pot and pan set but I wanted to add to it. Currently, I live with my parents and don’t use my pots but I thought, hey, it’s discounted and you can never have too many kitchen accessories. Then I realized, you can, but I won’t take them back.

Going forward, I’m going to try to buy less or if I need to buy something, buy it for a reasonable price (on sale or with a coupon). I actually started this last night, my mom and I went to Walmart and I picked up 2 new workout shirts ($3/item, regular $8.88 & $9.96), a Harry Potter shirt for $2 and a long sleeping shirt for $7. My total was under $15 including taxes. I was very happy. I had stuck to my guns and only bought things that were on sale and that I would use. I love to wear activewear even if I’m not working out.

This morning after dropping my diabetic dog off at the vet for her monthly sugar testing, I wanted to stop by a coffee shop and get a chai tea, but I realized that I didn’t have a spare cup in my car for them to put it into, so I came home.

Grocery shopping is an activity that I usually do just for myself (my parents don’t usually eat the same foods that I cook), so I’ve started getting “off-brand” items and only buying exactly what I need. Instead of shopping big name, I go to our local grocery store and ALDI’S! I can’t tell you how much I love Aldi, I’m even in a group on Facebook. We swap recipes and ideas and I love it because a lot of people only have just enough money these days. I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t have a lot of money anymore, I’m basking in the fact that I have to really get myself together until I get a stable income.

I’m also looking to get rid of things. I’m sad about how much stuff I throw in the trash and over time, I want to reduce what I send to the landfill.

Where will I start? With myself. I need to look at what I’m doing from an overall standpoint and a micro standpoint. Where is my money going? Do I use Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc enough to pay for a monthly subscription. My credit card, how much will I pay if I just pay the. minimum amount? How can I get this lowered. I need to do better for myself so that when I do find the job of my dreams, I can easily focus on work and leading the life I want to live.

In addition (hehe, why does this sound like a paper for college), I’m going to include more local vegetables and fruit. This is not to give up meat but honestly, for my digestion system. I’ve found that having a meat heavy diet only makes me sick and that when I put more veggies/fruit in it. It seems to go smoothly. It’s winter in South Carolina which means lots of imported goods and that’s okay. Spring/Summer/Autumn is coming.

Let’s have a chat! How has minimalism been for you? Do you want to give it a try? What questions do you have about veganism, being a vegetarian, or minimalism? Leave comments below! I want to see what questions you have! But more importantly, I want to open a discussion about this and do you think we can really stop being massive consumers?