It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I’ll be honest…it was definitely because I was playing Sims again. Terrible. I know but I love Sims and have been playing it for about 15 years now.

I want to talk about Sims and how I use it to help me destress. I love playing this game, it detaches me from reality and gives me the chance to play lives I wish about. There’s so much to do in Sims that the game itself is a dark whole, one that a lot of users find to be a whole that we love. But also, it gives me the chance to destress and get away from everyday reality. Sometimes, it negativity is too much for us to handle and we find an outlet. That’s what Sims does for me.

I also like to do yoga, I picked up the practice again when I was in China. I faithfully when almost twice a week whenever my body allowed me to and I felt so much better. But to be honest, yoga can be stressful. I had to learn to not judge myself against the thin-framed ladies beside me who seemed so limber. I realized that we were there for the same reason, to become one with our minds. The point of yoga is to focus, or at least that’s what I want to think. Yoga makes me feel like the stress I put on my shoulders just melts away. The worries that I had yesterday seem to fade into the downward facing dog of today.

There are many ways to destress. One of those is physical activities, working out and keeping our bodies active seems to promote our minds to do the same. Another is to figure out what our triggers are…are there circumstances that come up that make us want to take a break? What’s causing those triggers? Maybe it’s us that makes this happen? Are we overthinking simple things? Are we relying too much on others for our oneness?

Here are some ways to help you destress:

We have too much going on in our lives to not take a moment to take care of ourselves. Take care of yourself. Log off of social media, turn off your phone, take a walk outside. Find minutes for yourself. Those minutes could change your life.